Brief History



Granite City Kennel Club of St. Cloud, Minnesota Inc. was the FIRST dog training club in St. Cloud. The club was formed as an obedience training club, and has been offering dog training classes continuously since 1968. In 1976 the club was licensed by the American Kennel Club to hold obedience trials. In 1988, AKC approval was granted to hold all breed shows and obedience trials. GCKC is the only club that started as an obedience club and became an all breed and obedience club.

The club is a non-profit organization whose goal is to make dogs better home companions. The conformation classes will help prepare both you and your young show hopeful for the breed ring. These classes provide practice in gaiting and stacking your dog, socializing your puppy or dog, and learning show tips from a qualified breed ring instructor.

Every December the club holds 2 all breed dog shows at the Civic Center in St. Cloud. The event spans 3 days (Fri-Sun), and includes specialties on Friday, an all breed conformation Show during the day on Saturday, GCKC's special event "All Breed Sweepstakes" is held on Saturday evening and finally on Sunday a second all breed conformation show takes place. For more information click Events . or for a more personalized response click E-mail.

Monthly general meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month, and are always open to the public. The location of the next meeting is on the Events page. If interested in coming to a meeting or if you are considering joining just click E-mail on the menu.